Thirsty Dog folk Club 16 October 2016


Cookin’ at the Thirsty Dog
Special guest Jayne Burt on bass

* Americana – generous dob
* Folk – spoonful
* Swing – generous handful
* Bluegrass – according to taste
* Country – for garnish
* Blues – for garnish

Take the Americana and remove any misogynist lumps. If contaminated by dirge, discard the whole piece and get a fresh one. Add to the pot and warm, stirring all the while.

Pick the folk carefully, removing any fiddle pegs made from the fingers bones of drowned women, as they will give a somewhat bitter taste to the dish.

Add a liberal dose of swing.

Take the bluegrass and slice thinly. Add too much and the whole set will taste of bluegrass, not enough and it may seem to lack spark.

To garnish the set take any spare country or blues you have lying around and sprinkle lightly to taste. Don’t overdo it or the dish will taste bland.

Stir and mix until you get the right balance and consistency, and serve in a relaxed casual atmosphere to bring out the best in the dish.

Date: Sunday 16 October 2016
Time: 3 pm
Admission: $10
Floor singers first half
Venue: Thirsty Dog, corner K’ road and Home Street, Auckland.