Oparau Acoustic Music Festival 14 November 2015

We had the honor of opening this year’s main concert, after a day of relaxing in the sun and jamming with lots of musicians around the site.

Lott Larson and friends had done the stage up real nice in the hall, and with Paul Symons on sound we felt pretty good going into this gig – our first decent set as a band.  Our .. er unique, sound got attention when we opened with an a capella chorus of Down in the Boondocks.

Our last song Who knows what tomorrow may bring seemed to come up pretty quick, and luckily the audience got on board and helped with hand clapping and singing, so it left us with a real high. (The great thing about musician audiences is they clap in time, unlike general public who can easily put you right off)

The concert continued with Jahna and the fabulous Township Kwelas – who would have thought a horn band could be so entertaining.

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