Barebones Acoustic Folk Club 5 August 2018 3pm

Triple layer vocals, vigorously wielded stringy thingies, and some plausible anecdotal evidence will be on trial Sunday, as the Skiffy Rivets unravel musical tales brazenly stolen from bluegrass, folk, old timey, and swing.

Tuneful stories will be put before you: sometimes amusing and sometimes serious, happy and sad, tales of trains, radios, chains, white horses, elbow room, altitude, flowers, paint brushes, daughters, lovers, bosses, memories, thunderstorms, neon signs, too much gravy, too much coffee, dreams of wide open spaces and hearts we never won.

The band is worth seeing, with Holly Carrington, Sue Tearne and Pete Parnham on vocals, and Pete and Steve Gerrish animating the stringy thingies. All sung, plucked and strummed purely for your listening pleasure while sipping – so we’ve heard –  a truthful and very reasonably priced ale.
Barebones Acoustic Folk Club
Auckland Irish Society

Rocky Nook Ave, Fowlds Park Mount Albert, Auckland 1022

Sunday 5 August 2018 3pm.