Barebones Acoustic Folk Club Sunday 16 July 2023 2:45pm

Sue Tearne (L), Pete Parnham and Holly Carrington, caught during a rehearsal

Join us this month at the Bare Bones Acoustic Folk Club and say goodbye to the lingering Skiffy drought. Yes, the Skiffy Rivets will be back with a stirred up set list of new songs, while not forgetting some of the Skiffy classics.

On this trip you will be enticed down genre side alleys like backpackers never quite sure what will be there, but knowing it will be way more exciting than the main thoroughfare. 

The Skiffy Rivets are deceptively simple, with the voices of Holly Carrington, Sue Tearne, and Pete Parnham, and a couple of guitars subtly framing the vocal harmonies to complete the audio pictures. 

It will be fun and we hope to see you there.

Pete, Sue, and Holly

The Skiffy Rivets
Barebones Acoustic Folk Club

Sunday 16 July 2023 2:45 pm
Auckland Irish Society, Rocky Nook Avenue, Mount Albert, Auckland 1022
Floor singers warm up.