Barebones Acoustic Folk Club Sun 1 August 2021 3pm

Sue Tearne (L), Holly Carrington, and Pete Parnham sing about the hazards of something or other.

It’s was well before Covid that Skiffy Rivets last played for Barebones, and they are excited about coming back.

When the Skiffy Rivets play, the good-time energy and vitality is infectious and you can’t help but enjoy yourself.  The zing comes from the trio of Pete Parnham on guitars and vocals together with vocalists Sue Tearne and Holly Carrington who make up the Skiffy Rivets. They only have three voices and a choice of guitars to work with, but thanks to their versatility and their material, a performance is a delightful journey through Americana, folk, bluegrass, and swing, that leaves you wishing it could be extended.

The band’s CD Elbow Room still provides great songs for the performances, jostling alongside new material for a spot on the set list. This is a harmonised performance that is well worth seeing and hearing.

The Skiffy Rivets
The Barebones Acoustic Folk Club
Sunday 1 August 2021 3pm
Auckland Irish Society, Rocky Nook Avenue, Mount Albert, Auckland 1022

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